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We are a diverse mix of cultures, people and professions, driven by passion and creativity to exceed our client’s expectations.


We strive to bring together people from different backgrounds and experiences to challenge the status quo. Sameness can be dangerous. It can lead to blindspots, group-thinking and missed opportunities. Quite simply we believe in cognitive diversity, empowering differing voices of extraordinary talent and expertise to deliver a better creative, enriched product. 


We have created our own equality and diversity policy, which is monitored regularly. We also support

the Pact Indie Diversity Training Scheme and similar initiatives, in order to gain access to a broader

range of talent. Many of these schemes are aimed at young people from groups traditionally

under-represented in TV, including ethnic minorities, women, LGBT people, people living with

disabilities and people from lower socio-economic groups. We believe that only by working

together to achieve a truly diverse and inclusive industry –in both how we produce and what we

produce – will we remain relevant in this digital age and beyond.



The film and TV industry is one of the most energy intensive in the world. According to BAFTA, around 13 tonnes of CO₂ are emitted in the production of a single hour of TV content. This corresponds to just under two trips around the world by car.


We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint on every production. From script to post-production, carefully planning the production in advance has a positive impact on resource consumption and the environment. 


We are proud to say we have signed up to AdGreen's Net Zero Action Plan. AdGreen aims to create positive environmental change, enabling every part of the screen industry to eliminate carbon emissions from production. We utilise  AdGreen's toolkit on our projects, measuring our environmental impact and ensuring that green  practices are put in place. Every member of our production team can contribute to our industry’s  sustainability journey. And every little change we make, counts. 



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